Types of Wax Heaters for Use in a Spa

A wax heater is a must have for any professional aesthetician who wants to excel in the art of waxing hair removal. Some of the different wax heaters that are available in the market are listed below to help you in making an informed choice when buying one:

  • Classic heaters: These are wax heaters that will either have single or double slots. Some of the classic heaters will have an aluminum pot that will be used in warming the wax while others will be sold without. If you buy a classic heater that has not wax pot, you can make use of any aluminum pot for the wax heating.

Besides warming hard wax, it will also be possible to warm soft wax using a classic heater.

  • Can heaters: A can heater is made for use by soft wax cans only since the heating pot had been made according to how a soft wax can looks like.

During a waxing procedure, you will be able to leave the wax can in the heater and only remove it after the process is complete.

  • Roll-on heater applicators: This is a wax heater that has a roll-on cartridge that will be warmed up to the right temperature and will then be used to directly apply wax to the client. A waxing hair removal that is carried out using this roll-on cartridge will have a more perfect outcome.

This type of heater is available in different sizes with the small ones being preferred for the removal of facial hair.

  • System and combo heaters: This type of heater is convenient as different types of wax can be heated at one. The heater will either have 1 or 2 pots for the heating of hard wax but they can also be adjusted for the heating of soft wax cans.

They also have various roll-on bases and this is why they are a preferred choice for those professional spas who will want to have various types of waxes ready when a customer arrives.

  • Roll-on heater bases: This wax heater will make it possible to heat more than one roll-on cartridge at the same time. There are also slots where some roll-on heater bases will be kept partially warm so that they will not take a lot of time to heat when they will be required for the wax application.

It will be important to maintain a wax heater in the right manner so that you can get value for your investment. Avoid leaving the wax heater running when you close down for the day as this will shorten the lifespan of the wax heater.

Clean the wax heater in the right manner to make it last longer and to also maintain a good image of the spa to the clients coming in for a waxing hair removal. The cleaning should be done daily after attending to the last client of the day using the right oils. Dipping a wax heater in water is not allowed as this will damage it.  For ease of the removal of the residue wax before the cleaning, you will heat the wax warmer so that the wax can melt. After draining off the waxing, you will then proceed with the right cleaning procedure.