How to Make the Massage Room More Inviting

The first impression when a client comes to your spa for a massage will dictate if he will want to come back or get over with the massage and run for his dear life. The following are ways that you can make the massage room look inviting:

  • Ensure that there is a lighting control where you will be able to dim the lights during the massage and then brighter again when the client is dressing up.
  • Create a private space where customers can safely keep their personal belongings until the massage session is over.
  • Ensure that the room temperature is right; it should not be too hot or too cold as any extreme condition will make the massage very uncomfortable.
  • The color that is on the walls in the massage room should be soothing so that it can create the right atmosphere for the massage.
  • Ensure that the equipment that will be used for the massage is incorporated with the latest technology. If you have the latest technology in your spa, your clients will also be ready to pay well for their massage.
  • Have a good sound system through which you will play soothing music that will create the right atmosphere for the massage.
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene in your massage room; do not use dirty linens that have been used on other clients. Having fresh linens will make the client feel that you were prepared to offer the massage.
  • If the weather is cold outside, you should make the temperature in the room warm through the use of a heated mattress. You can also warm the equipment that will be used for the massage so that it will not be cold when it comes into contact with the client’s body.
  • If the weather is very hot outside, ensure that the lights are dim. You should also offer a foot bath to the client before the massage which should be done using cool water.

To make the massage room more appealing, you should ensure that the atmosphere is fresh and there is no existence of foul smells. Ventilate the massage room after a massage session before allowing the next client to come in.

You can also use sweet smelling aromatherapy oils to make the room more appealing before you let a client into the room.

If the massage room will provide an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, the clients will always look forward to attending the next session.

You should also make sure that the waiting area is as appealing as the massage room as the client who comes in early will spend some time there. Provide some forms of entertainment such as interesting magazines or even a DVD player where movies can be played. You can also make a little showroom where the clients will be able to smell or test the oils and other products that you sell in addition to providing massage.  This will not just keep the clients entertained but also make the clients spend more in your spa on the purchase of the displayed products.


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