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Important Tips When Buying Liability Insurance for Your Lash Extension Spa

Running an eyelash extension application business without the right insurance cover is a risk that would cost you everything you have ever worked for, including your life savings. You should ensure that you get the right insurance that will be able to cover all the expenses in case an accident occurs and a client demands compensation. Below are the important aspects that you should look out for when getting a liability insurance cover:

  • It should cover all professional, products, and general liabilities: The professional liability cover will cover anything that may go wrong in the course of applying the eyelash extensions.

A general liability cover will be used when a customer falls and a complication occurs while in the spa.

The product liability cover will be used when a client suffers an adverse reaction as a result of the products used at the spa.

  • Do not go for the least expensive liability policy: Look for an insurance cover that will not delay in issuing payment in case an accident occurs and not one that does not have the finances to cover a risk in case it occurs.

You should look at the reviews from spa owners who have insured with the company before to know the kind of services offered.

  • Go for a liability occurrence-form insurance policy instead of the claims-made insurance policy. A liability occurrence-form insurance policy will still pay though you stopped paying your contributions if you can prove that the incident happened when the insurance was still active.

The claims-made insurance policy will only offer compensation if the contributions towards the policy are up to date.

If you have a valid insurance cover, you will offer lash extension application services with confidence knowing that if anything goes wrong, the insurance will cater for the cost. Do not wait until an accident happens and start lamenting how you wish you had taken the cover earlier.