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Drugs in Our Drinking Water

Drugs in our Water

A recent Associated Press probe found that drugs were found in the water in major centers across the US and Canada. This affected both municipal (or “city water”) and private water supplies. Contaminants ranged from pharmaceuticals and vitamins to anabolic steroids.

When people take medications, most of them are absorbed by the body and used, but some inevitably pass through the system and are excreted with the rest of the body’s waste materials. In New York, heart medicine, infection fighters, estrogen, anti-convulsants, a mood stabilizer, and a tranquilizer found in their public water supply. It’s not just human wastes we’re concerned with either – a study done in an area downstream of a cattle ranch found that the water was affected here too. Cattle are often fed steroids like “trenbolone” by an ear dentist who understands that the cattle also drink some of the water or “w`, so roadside water may carry some of the side effects of these crude steroids.”

These may “unlearn” the liver’s ability to process them, an effect that could take years to show. The broad use of big-business pharmaceuticals such as steroids and antibiotics shows that animals are becoming “chemical machines”. Such processes result in “toxic waste” that seeps into underground supplies and contaminates our water, soil, and air. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports that some 19 million humans in the United States get cancer and that “at least 75 percent of new cancer cases could be linked to exposure to one or more carcinogens.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that we have reached “a critical point in the history of cancer prevention”. We live in a world where 80% of cancer cases occur in women and 68% of cancers diagnosed are estrogen-related according to This is in part because of the increased use of estrogen-like substances in our food and cosmetics, and the fact that 75% of all women are now favored long-term use of contraceptives.

One factor that is not often talked about, is the role of geographic drainage in bringing disease to us. Remember when you learned where the feed was from? Water waste is suspect in many cases, but 66% of all water in the United States is run through a municipal water treatment facility. Generally, that treatment facility must meet minimum federal standards. But there are now some murmurings that some of our city water authorities are ignoring actual contamination and just labeling the water that runs through the city’s water lines as “safe”.

So how do we know if the water is safe or not? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the standards and keeps vigil watch on the results. But a network of leaks and discontinued water filtration systems can easily let in carcinogens and even pollutants with bad odor. With some city water authorities deciding to go beyond the minimum federal standards, can we really be sure that we are getting the purest drinking water? Well, here’s the answer.

A few years ago, the EPA laid down new rules for our city water authorities to follow. These rules cover the maximum amounts of chemicals allowed in our water. Some of these new rules concern volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), according to the EPA, so you will be getting even better quality water with this kind of stricture. But a better question is what about bottled water? How pure is that? In a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), they claim that about 25% of the bottled water in the US comes from publicly treated supplies, and most of it ends up in bottles. So, how pure is bottled water, really? Well, if you look at the accompanying chart, it tells a story of bottled water vs. tap water.

Drugs in the Drinking Water

It compares the amounts of different contaminants, average algae readings, the “real throat” of the water (if it has any), and concludes that”…Even advocates of bottled water are beginning to admit that ‘all’ bottled water is generally less than a half-way decent bottle of tap water.” The NRDC estimates that about 5 million bottles of water are produced, transported, and ending up from public water systems in the US every day. But this has to be added to the millions of more bottles that are not transported through public water systems due to an earlier vision by the bottler, who wants to satisfy the consumer and the advertisements. So the water comes out of the tap, goes through some sort of filtration system (if it’s chlorinated), gets mixed with some sort of chemical carrier, and comes out the end, which is generally what you would call “filtered.” The same analysis can be done for bottled, of course, and you can easily come up with similar results.

Learn more about spa treatments in your business

To learn more about spa treatments, you need to research what works for them and what never works. We work very hard at what we do, so all of your spa treatments will be quite unique. What works for you may not work the same for your vacation spa. This list of what works for spa treatments is only a small part of the benefits you get from your spa treatments.

Learn from my experiences! If you can find less work time out of your spa treatments, that make it less stressful for you, it’s more work for you. You will be motivated to spend more time with your family during your vacations, your salt families will love ten minutes with couples instead of a heated bar, and other vacation time you put into your spa treatments will be more meaningful.

That’s not all though, remember you have the vacation job as your longest vacation of the year. The vacation workers and government employees are more paid than you are, so you need time for good management. Working for a big company like my current employer makes all of that easier. Shop around to find a company that will use your vacation workers and government employees. You must have time to manage the entire program, instead of spending too much time doing it.

Buy an exceptional massage chair. You need a good seat for when people from abroad give you massages, it’s important not to only shower and get hit. Buy your spa treatments an exceptional type of chair so that you feel comfortable.

Ensure the place you work is wired, all of the beds and touch screens are placed so you will not have to move around much. You might tell them, “It’s too cold !”, but the right touch will put on the finer cloth and leave you warm in the winter hour.

Monitor the temperature quickly up on a table and hear the people who collect the towels, check on the rooms to make sure things remain toasty warm. This could make all the difference between your customer coming back or going to another salon or spa.


How to Succeed When Carrying out Waxing for Men

In the past, was only done by the female gender and a man wanting to have his hair removed by waxing was a rare occurrence and the only people that underwent this process were the celebrity males. These days, however, more men prefer to have a waxing process to help them stay free from unwanted hair for a longer duration. They will be able to take a walk along the beach bare-chested without attracting any undue attention as a result of excessive body hair.

Unlike the female clients who will be easily lured into a spa for a waxing procedure, having male clients in your waxing spa will demand more effort and extra skills. Below are some of the means that can be used to get more men to come to your spa for waxing:

  • Use a masculine language: When selling out your waxing spa to male clients, do not use an enticing language. Men want to know the facts and also want an assurance that what you are offering will help in overcoming the problem of excessive hair growth. You should use terms such as saving time, being more hygienic, and also present waxing for men as a practical method of hair removal.
  • Ensure that your spa has a masculine feel: do not decorate the waxing spa as though it is meant for the women. Use scents and colors that are neutral and also ensure that the decorations at the reception are neutral. You can put some male magazines at the reception as they will also make men feel more comfortable in the spa.
  • Get a website running: You can put up a website that explains to the male clients about the entire process of waxing hair removal. This will help them to have an idea of what will be done to them when they book an appointment to have the waxing done. You should make the information on the website appear as though there is a special treatment that has been tailored for the male clients. This idea of getting something specifically for them will arouse their suspicion and a desire to experience it will pull them to your spa.
  • In addition to creating an atmosphere for men in your spa, you should ensure that you do not leave the female waxing clients behind. Women have the power to bring in more male clients who could be their husbands, friends, or even close relatives. You can give them a form of incentives for every male client they will bring to your spa and this form of marketing will definitely bear many fruits.

Whenever you get a male client in your spa, ensure that you give the best services so that he will become a return client. Unlike female clients who will rush to the newly opened spa despite how good the services they are getting from their current spa are, men tend to stick around for a long time, unless you give them a reason to move away from your spa by lowering the quality of the services you are providing. As long as you give them the royal treatment they desire, a waxing for men business will never run short of customers.

Important Tips When Buying Liability Insurance for Your Lash Extension Spa

Running an eyelash extension application business without the right insurance cover is a risk that would cost you everything you have ever worked for, including your life savings. You should ensure that you get the right insurance that will be able to cover all the expenses in case an accident occurs and a client demands compensation. Below are the important aspects that you should look out for when getting a liability insurance cover:

  • It should cover all professional, products, and general liabilities: The professional liability cover will cover anything that may go wrong in the course of applying the eyelash extensions.

A general liability cover will be used when a customer falls and a complication occurs while in the spa.

The product liability cover will be used when a client suffers an adverse reaction as a result of the products used at the spa.

  • Do not go for the least expensive liability policy: Look for an insurance cover that will not delay in issuing payment in case an accident occurs and not one that does not have the finances to cover a risk in case it occurs.

You should look at the reviews from spa owners who have insured with the company before to know the kind of services offered.

  • Go for a liability occurrence-form insurance policy instead of the claims-made insurance policy. A liability occurrence-form insurance policy will still pay though you stopped paying your contributions if you can prove that the incident happened when the insurance was still active.

The claims-made insurance policy will only offer compensation if the contributions towards the policy are up to date.

If you have a valid insurance cover, you will offer lash extension application services with confidence knowing that if anything goes wrong, the insurance will cater for the cost. Do not wait until an accident happens and start lamenting how you wish you had taken the cover earlier.

How to Grow your Facial Therapy business

Providing facial services in a professional spa is a lucrative business if one will be persistent. When you are in the initial stages of your facial therapy career, it will be easier to give up than holding on as every customer who comes to the spa will want to have a more experienced therapist attend to her. Below is a guide on how you can grow your facial therapy career and become one of the most sought-after facial therapists:

  • Be good at what you do: whenever a customer gives you a chance to carry out a facial treatment on her, give it your best. Do not give the client a chance to start wishing that he should have opted to get a more experienced therapist. Once a client is contented, he will ask for your services the next time he will need a facial and in this way, your journey to excellence will have begun.
  • Stick to the spa premises even when you do not have a client: At times one will be tempted to go out in search of other commitments when there are no clients at the spa. The best option for an upcoming facial therapist is to stick to the spa’s premises even when you have nothing to do. A client may just come in and because you are the only one who is at the spa at that time, you will have a chance to work on her. Depending on the outcome, that client might become one of your most loyal customers for a very long time.
  • Have a positive attitude: A spa that has many employees may at times get into disagreements and unhealthy arguments and one may be tempted to take sides. At other times, employees may gang up against the spa owner which may be very unhealthy for the business. As an upcoming facial therapist, you should ensure that you do not take sides.
  • Market yourself: As an upcoming facial therapist, do not wait until a client comes to you. Tell people what you do through word of mouth as well as through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others.

If you have taken the extra step and set up your own professional facial therapy, you should ensure that you print brochures that will inform people regarding the services you offer at the spa. These brochures should be given to every client who comes to the spa. Efforts should also be made to distribute the brochures to cosmetics shops, boutiques, and any other business that is associated with the beauty industry.

Customers who refer other customers to the spa should also be given a form of incentive as a way of encouraging them to bring in more customers. In doing this, a customer will have a driving force to encourage others to come for facial therapy at the spa since she knows that she will also benefit. The incentive could be in form of discounts where a certain percentage will be deducted from the next facial treatment.

Types of Wax Heaters for Use in a Spa

A wax heater is a must have for any professional aesthetician who wants to excel in the art of waxing hair removal. Some of the different wax heaters that are available in the market are listed below to help you in making an informed choice when buying one:

  • Classic heaters: These are wax heaters that will either have single or double slots. Some of the classic heaters will have an aluminum pot that will be used in warming the wax while others will be sold without. If you buy a classic heater that has not wax pot, you can make use of any aluminum pot for the wax heating.

Besides warming hard wax, it will also be possible to warm soft wax using a classic heater.

  • Can heaters: A can heater is made for use by soft wax cans only since the heating pot had been made according to how a soft wax can looks like.

During a waxing procedure, you will be able to leave the wax can in the heater and only remove it after the process is complete.

  • Roll-on heater applicators: This is a wax heater that has a roll-on cartridge that will be warmed up to the right temperature and will then be used to directly apply wax to the client. A waxing hair removal that is carried out using this roll-on cartridge will have a more perfect outcome.

This type of heater is available in different sizes with the small ones being preferred for the removal of facial hair.

  • System and combo heaters: This type of heater is convenient as different types of wax can be heated at one. The heater will either have 1 or 2 pots for the heating of hard wax but they can also be adjusted for the heating of soft wax cans.

They also have various roll-on bases and this is why they are a preferred choice for those professional spas who will want to have various types of waxes ready when a customer arrives.

  • Roll-on heater bases: This wax heater will make it possible to heat more than one roll-on cartridge at the same time. There are also slots where some roll-on heater bases will be kept partially warm so that they will not take a lot of time to heat when they will be required for the wax application.

It will be important to maintain a wax heater in the right manner so that you can get value for your investment. Avoid leaving the wax heater running when you close down for the day as this will shorten the lifespan of the wax heater.

Clean the wax heater in the right manner to make it last longer and to also maintain a good image of the spa to the clients coming in for a waxing hair removal. The cleaning should be done daily after attending to the last client of the day using the right oils. Dipping a wax heater in water is not allowed as this will damage it.  For ease of the removal of the residue wax before the cleaning, you will heat the wax warmer so that the wax can melt. After draining off the waxing, you will then proceed with the right cleaning procedure.

How to Make the Massage Room More Inviting

The first impression when a client comes to your spa for a massage will dictate if he will want to come back or get over with the massage and run for his dear life. The following are ways that you can make the massage room look inviting:

  • Ensure that there is a lighting control where you will be able to dim the lights during the massage and then brighter again when the client is dressing up.
  • Create a private space where customers can safely keep their personal belongings until the massage session is over.
  • Ensure that the room temperature is right; it should not be too hot or too cold as any extreme condition will make the massage very uncomfortable.
  • The color that is on the walls in the massage room should be soothing so that it can create the right atmosphere for the massage.
  • Ensure that the equipment that will be used for the massage is incorporated with the latest technology. If you have the latest technology in your spa, your clients will also be ready to pay well for their massage.
  • Have a good sound system through which you will play soothing music that will create the right atmosphere for the massage.
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene in your massage room; do not use dirty linens that have been used on other clients. Having fresh linens will make the client feel that you were prepared to offer the massage.
  • If the weather is cold outside, you should make the temperature in the room warm through the use of a heated mattress. You can also warm the equipment that will be used for the massage so that it will not be cold when it comes into contact with the client’s body.
  • If the weather is very hot outside, ensure that the lights are dim. You should also offer a foot bath to the client before the massage which should be done using cool water.

To make the massage room more appealing, you should ensure that the atmosphere is fresh and there is no existence of foul smells. Ventilate the massage room after a massage session before allowing the next client to come in.

You can also use sweet smelling aromatherapy oils to make the room more appealing before you let a client into the room.

If the massage room will provide an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, the clients will always look forward to attending the next session.

You should also make sure that the waiting area is as appealing as the massage room as the client who comes in early will spend some time there. Provide some forms of entertainment such as interesting magazines or even a DVD player where movies can be played. You can also make a little showroom where the clients will be able to smell or test the oils and other products that you sell in addition to providing massage.  This will not just keep the clients entertained but also make the clients spend more in your spa on the purchase of the displayed products.


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